October 13, 2010

The Hallway

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Well I am off to a running start aren’t I? Truth is, we’ve spent the past week (and weekend) working on house stuff! But now I can present to you a before and after!This is our master bedroom hallway before.

View from the main hall:

View from the bedroom:

Please note the granny-style valance left by previous owners and outline of a mirror on the wall which apparently used to be blue.

I know it seems weird our master bedroom has its own hallway but it basically has to do with an addition (our master bedroom and room below it) that was added on in the early years of the house. We have learned early on not to question what the previous owners were thinking when making house decisions so it is what it is. It is actually a large area for a hallway and I admit, it is kind of a waste of space!

So after 9 months (actually almost 10 I guess) of walking through this drab off-white and patchy hallway, we got around to painting and even decorating and wow, it is such a difference! Now when walking to the bedroom, you immediately start to feel relaxed.

Hall After

Hall After


– Walls: Benjamin Moore Regal, Matte Finish in Rich Cream (next time I would use the eggshell finish to better hide the blemishes on the wall)

– Trim: Benjamin Moore Ben, Semi Gloss in Decorator’s White

The best part about the decorating is we had everything on hand so it only costs us the paint and paint supplies! I am amazed how the hallway now is a pretty and functional space!

What do you think?

On a side note, I have been reading on other house blogs about the wonders of spray paint. I decided I had to try it for myself so I grabbed a scratched brown vase destined for a yard sale (forgot a “before” photo) and spray painted it white. How’s it look? I don’t know what to put in it but I think it looks so much better!

Spray Painted Vase



  1. Nice work! I like the vase, actually. My painting rules are always always use semigloss on trim, and the rougher the wall, the flatter the paint. We don’t use anything glossier than eggshell in this house (I think I may have satin in the kitchen, though), and pretty much always flat in the old house in IN. Even flat paints clean up pretty well these days, and hiding flaws is more important!

    Comment by amanda — October 19, 2010 @ 9:22 am

  2. […] do you get a baby sized hat model when you don’t have access to a real baby? Well remember that vase I spray painted last week? Turn it upside down and it’s the perfect baby hat […]

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