October 22, 2010

Clear Out!

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Even though it’s been 10 months (and 3 days) since we moved in to our house, I am still cleaning out boxes. I can’t believe we moved with all this stuff! On the other hand, when it’s packed away, you realize what you really do and do not need so I can look at things and say, I haven’t touched this in 10 months, out it goes!  It’s funny to think we moved in to this large house and now I have a sudden urge to get rid of stuff.I thought I’d write about good ways to find new homes for your stuff.

Craigslist: An old favorite but I am finding now that we are farther from the city, there is less market. Also people in the ‘burbs aren’t looking for things to last their college years and then toss them, they want nice stuff!

Amazon: We cleaned out a ton of video games and DVDs to set out for a yard sale. To get an idea of resell price I went to Amazon’s Trade In Program and realized it was worthwhile to send items in! The shipping is free and for about 18 movies and games, we got over $70 in Amazon credit.

Consignment: We are lucky to live very close to 3 consignment stores – one for women’s clothing and accessories, one for baby and children’s items, and one for household goods. I have a LOT of clothes – some still new with tags – so I dropped off a couple. I already have another round of purses and shoes to drop off.

Yard Sale: We had our 1st ever yard sale this past Sat and did pretty well. It was a neighborhood yard sale so I think that really helped. Of course the rule is, don’t bring the unsold stuff back in to the house! Right now it’s sitting in the garage.

We put out a bunch of free leftovers and I just discovered Big Brothers Big Sisters will come pick up items so I will be scheduling that. I am sure we we’ll have a bag for the Salvation Army (with a drop off box conveniently at the dump). And maybe some books to the library?

It’s great to have cleared out a whole corner of the living room, made a little money, and donated to charities. All that stuff and none of it went in to a landfill. Whew!


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